What is considered when I apply to be an RA or FHA?

Selection decisions are based on the candidate’s written application, participation in the group process activity, and interview responses.  In addition, written information from each candidate’s current RA or FHA, a member of the faculty/staff, and academic and conduct history are also considered.  All of this information is reviewed to determine if a candidate is suited for a staff position.

What kind of person usually gets hired?

There is not one type of student who makes the best candidate.  The student staff reflects the diversity of the student body.  Residence Life strives to hire students who are involved with different activities, represent various academic majors, and come from different backgrounds.  The commonality among staff members is their desire to make the residence halls a positive environment for other students.

Do I need to submit a resumé with my application?

Candidates are pursuing formal employment therefore a resumé is required.  A resumé will be uploaded into the online application.

How do I get a reference from an RA or FHA if I don’t currently live in a residence hall or fraternity house?

If you do not currently live on campus, please ask your previous RA or FHA (if s/he is still on staff) or another current staff member who can speak about your involvements in the residence halls to complete this form.

Who can serve as a “Faculty/Staff” reference?

Any faculty member, administrator, or coach who can speak to your ability would be a suitable reference.

How do I collect my references?

Candidates are expected to “self-manage” the collection of the Current RA-FHA Commentary.  Each candidate will have access to a writable form that can be forwarded to the RA-FHA or printed.  This form should be returned to the candidate in a sealed envelope that they have signed across the back flap.  The candidate will submit the envelope to the Office of Residence Life by the stated deadline.  The name of the Faculty/Staff reference will be entered in the online application.  The office will use that information to collecte reference information directly from the recommender.

How does a staff position affect my financial aid?

The compensation replaces any student loan and/or job that would have been part of your financial aid award for that year.  In addition, staff members are also able to retain a part of the compensation over the demonstrated need calculated by the Office of Financial Aid.  Since each student’s need is calculated individually and yearly, the award is adjusted accordingly and will vary by student.

(If you would like more specific information about how your financial aid would be affected if you were to become a staff member, please make an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your aid package.)

What does it mean to be in the Alternate Pool?

Each year the selection committee designates a certain number of candidates as alternates.  Candidates from this group are considered should any positions become available in the future.  Alternates are required to participate in spring training and are encouraged to attend training in the fall.

Do alternates usually get hired?

Though alternates are not guaranteed a position, many alternates who remain active in the alternate pool are offered a position.

After I am hired, is there anything I have to do before the end of the spring semester?

Yes.  All new staff members are required to attend spring training sessions and meetings.  Specific information will be provided after the hiring process.

If I am hired, do I get to pick where I want to live?

No, hired staff do not get to select the building where they will live.  The application process allows candidates to preference the position and population with which they are interested in working.  Specific assignments are at the discretion of the Residence Life professionals.

Will have a single room?

Many RA placements are in single bedrooms, however, some are not.  RA rooms may be located within a suite or in a double bedroom.  The hired RA can select their roommate(s).

If I get hired, when do I have to return to school in August?

Staff training generally begins the Friday prior to First-year Orientation .  Staff will be involved in training and opening until classes begin and may not commit to any other activities during that time period that conflict with these obligations.

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